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Matt & Sarah Johnson

Fall Gala

An FCA Story from Start to Finish:

Matt began his journey with FCA in 2008 at the end of his Freshman year at Sam Houston State University (SHSU). Matt was a Decathlete for SHSU's Track & Field Team. At the end of his Freshman year, one of the FCA leaders invited him to attend College Advance, an FCA camp for college students and athletes. It was there that the Holy Spirit moved on Matt's heart and he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. 

Since High School, Matt had felt God's hand on his life, but refused to let go of his selfish pride and the idols that consumed him. FCA played an invaluable role in Matt's salvation. After returning from the College Advance camp, Matt began attending FCA huddles regularly, where he was able to get discipled and plugged into the local church. Through FCA and the local church, Matt was able to confirm his calling into ministry and grow in his spiritual gift of teaching. Matt served as the SHSU FCA Huddle Captain for four years. 

While attending SHSU full-time as a student-athlete, Matt also served as a Youth Pastor in a local church just outside of Huntsville. During Matt's senior year at SHSU he met his lovely bride, Sarah, whom you see with him in the photo shown above. 

Feeling the call to ministry, but no immediate direction from God on where to serve, Matt joined the ranks of College Station Police Department. There he learned discipline, structure, and most importantly how to selflessly serve others on a daily basis. While working diligently to provide for his wife, Matt continued to pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit on when, where, and how he should go into full-time ministry.

After two and half years, God answered his prayer. Beau Bevers, the former Huntsville Area Representative for FCA, answered the call to go serve with FCA at Texas A&M and the great city of College Station. Beau, having discipled Matt directly for over three years, went straight to Matt and asked him to take his place at Sam Houston and serve the university and the surrounding 5 counties (Walker, Madison, Houston, Leon, & Trinity). Immediately upon hearing the offer, the Holy Spirit filled Matt with a joy that transcended all understanding! For Matt, it was a dream come true to be able to return to serve under FCA in a town and at a university that dramatically impacted his life! 

Without delay, just before the fall semester of 2016, Matt and Sarah moved to Huntsville. Matt currently serves as the Piney Woods West Area Director & the SHSU Campus Representative.

Contact Information:

Matt Johnson

Piney Woods West Area Director

SHSU Campus Representative

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

P.O. Box 8683

Huntsville, TX  77340


Phone: (409) 749-4797

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